The '6 Step' PTWS Financial Planning Process

At PT Wealth Solutions, our highly qualified financial advisers apply our trusted financial planning process to your financial situation, both now and ongoing.

Through our advice based (rather than product based) financial planning process our advisers will help you:

  • reach your lifestyle goals and objectives
  • build and protect your wealth
  • achieve your ideal retirement
  • manage your cash flow effectively
  • boost your savings and consolidate your debts
  • integrate your business with your financial goals
  • deal with the financial impacts of change

Where do you Start?

To build and protect your wealth our process will look at:

  • your current financial position
  • your personal, financial and lifestyle goals

In doing this we will reveal your needs and wants, allowing us to create a financial planning strategy to make your goals and objectives become a reality. When constructing your financial plan, our financial advisers incorporate their advice and forecasting, taking into account tax laws, now and ongoing. We're all at different stages in our lives with different retirement plans, various saving capabilities and attitudes to risk and tax situations.

At PT Wealth Solutions our financial advisers will help you set up a financial planning strategy to cater for your unique circumstances and goals. We can also help review your financial planning strategy as your life changes.

Doing nothing in relation to your financial planning because it seems too confusing is not an option. Our guidance provides peace of mind, as you will know you're on track to achieve your financial and personal goals.

The PTWS 6 Step Process

  • Step 1 - Fact Find
    These documents gather some important information that your PTWS adviser will need prior to meeting with you in person. They will assist the adviser to be properly prepared for your meeting.

  • Step 2 - Initial Meeting
    At this meeting the adviser will take an in-depth look at your current situation and ask questions about the key issues and concerns you have identified. They will also discuss your goals and objectives.

  • Step 3 - Presentation of SoA
    You will be presented with your personalised Statement of Advice or plan that will outline the adviser's recommended strategies for you to achieve your goals and objectives. The adviser will go through the Statement of Advice with you to ensure you fully understand the strategies and recommendations being made and their implications.

  • Step 4 - Implementation
    As soon as you have agreed on a course of action with the adviser they will begin the process of implementing those actions that have been agreed upon. Usually this will involve the completion of various applications and other forms.

  • Step 5 - Follow Up
    Once your strategy has been implemented the adviser will follow up with you to ensure you remain happy with the process and to answer any additional questions.

  • Step 6 - Ongoing Review
    Your PT adviser will put in place a review process for your particular needs. These reviews will ensure that your financial plan continues to meet you goals and objectives into the future.